Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If River Song had a Nook...

After several prototypes, I finally finished this.  I was going to enter it into the "Where's the TARDIS?" contest, but I was just a bit too late.  Since this first one is a gift for our friend Jenny (aka @Meadhbh on Twitter, among other things), I couldn't unveil it until now.  (I broke down and mailed it to her, she LOVED it.)

If you don't know what that is below, or who River Song is, stop what you're doing right now and go watch Doctor Who.  You can watch all of the "new" series all the way up to the current season on Netflix.  The significance of River Song's diary becomes apparent in Series 4 and up.  I'll admit I haven't watched the older series, but I'm totally caught up in them now.  That said, I don't honor myself with the full-blown title of hardcore "Whovian",  but I am a fan.  Enough of my rabbit-trailing...

 (Photos taken with my mother-in-law's Nook.  It fit in there nice and snugly, which I was almost to the point of having nightmares about.)

Except for the inside lining (which is fabric), and the magnets and steel plates for the closure, the entire thing is made of PAPER, chipboard, and copious amounts of glue.  Lots of little pieces glued up and then embossed... let's just say it took a bit of time to put together.  Now that I know what I'm doing, I'm sure the next one won't take quite as long.

It still hasn't been really used yet, so I'm going to get some input from Jenny after she uses it for a little bit, if it needs any more tweaking.  Especially the part that holds the Nook in place.  

If anyone is interested in one, please email me.  No idea how much I would charge for one, because it's more time and labor intensive than it is expensive to make.  But I wouldn't charge enough to pay myself minimum wage for all the time I put into it, if that tells you anything. 

All in all, I'm proud of what I made.  What do you think?


  1. It's pretty cool, I made one myself a couple of months ago. What did you use to hold the nook in place? Are you not worried the magnets will have a bad effect on the nook?

  2. The holder for the Nook is actually layer upon layer of chipboard (dense thick paper product) with tons of glue, glued together one layer at a time, staggered in such a way to make sort of a dovetail joint. I sanded it after that, and the end result was pretty darn strong. A layer of silver paint after that and my hubby said it reminded him of the gilding on the edges of nice books.

    As for the magnets, the Nook uses non-magnetic storage, so the magnets wouldn't pose a problem. Plus, the ones I used weren't huge and there's plenty of paper, fabric, space, steel, etc. between the two, and it's over to the side... I'm not super worried about it. If Jenny starts having any trouble with hers, I'm sure she'll tell me about it, since she's doing the "field testing".

  3. I have had a few people ask me about selling them. The answer is: hopefully.

    I'm working on putting another one together and getting an idea of how long I spend on it (in working time, not "waitingongluetodry" time). Then, I've got to figure up my costs and such to determine just how much to charge for them.
    I did a little more looking on Etsy to gauge prices as well.

    Also, I have had questions about whether they will fit other e-Readers, such as the Kindle. The holder inside is NOT adjustable. I will do a little more research on the sizes of each model and try to adapt the holder inside to fit. I'm pretty sure the sizes of the Kindle vs the Nook (the original one) are pretty close, so the outside part will be the same size for the most part, just the holders inside will be shifted slightly. This is my plan, anyway...

    Keep the comments coming, folks! That lets me know people are reading!

    Happy Crafting!

  4. Amazing! If you get to the point where you have them for sale, and for other e-readers, too--I'll DEFINITELY buy one! Looove it :D

  5. Came here from crafty_tardis. If you do sell them, I will be buying one. :D