Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Next week: book binding

Had a good time today!  Might do more on quilling again if you guys want to see more.

We decided that our next meeting will be held same time, same place.  Tuesday at 1:00 at Kim's house (thank you Kim!).

The topic will be book binding.  I think since the whole process requires so many different steps of waiting for glue to dry, its going to be more of an exhibition-style meeting, where you'll mostly just watch.  You might want to bring a notepad if you want to take notes.  Also, I'm still using cereal boxes for book covers, so if you guys have any, bring 'em on!  (This isn't limited to cereal, per se, just chipboard boxes with large unfolded areas are good.)

I'll post more info about book binding later, when I'm actually at my computer.

Happy crafting!

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  1. it was great to meet ya'll. Me and Kenzie had fun. Thank you Kim for letting us come to your house.