Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Successful meeting! What next?

We had a good time yesterday!  All of us actually managed to just about finish making our books, so that is a success in my book.
Now the question: what do you guys want to do next, and when?
There are a few things I have in mind, but if you guys have any suggestions or requests, let's hear 'em! 
I found a tute online for making roses out of egg cartons, and I made three and they turned out pretty well, but I don't know what I want to do with them.  I'm adding a picture below, but this is a first for me adding a pic from my phone, so we'll see how it looks.
If you guys enjoyed bookbinding, I can show you how to make a book similar to the one we made yesterday, but with a soft cover.  Or we can tackle another method completely.
I had some success embossing the metal from a soda can, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that, too.  (Adding another picture).
Also, I saw several things made from toilet paper/paper towel tubes that I'm itching to try.  
We could tackle a sewing project, perhaps.  I'm open to suggestions.  Would any of you like to share something?
Also, when do you guys want to do this?  Next week is out for me, I have a few projects of my own to finish and appointments to go to.  How about the week after that?
Comment away, you guys!


  1. I saw a couple things to make with tp rolls too. I have been trying to save them but Dale keeps saying " it's trash". Non crafty people just dont get it lol. I can try to come up with something if you want to take the stress off of you next time but I don't know what ya'll would be interested in. My main thing right now is making hair bow organizers.

  2. Thanks for your silhouette review on my blog, love the grears you cut...did the silouette cut metal!?!

  3. Lindsay,

    Thanks for looking at my blog! She's still a baby, so I don't have a lot of readers yet.

    The Silhouette didn't cut the gears out of metal, I cut them out of paper and embossed them. Just stick the image on the printed side, lay the whole thing on top of an old spongey mousepad and trace around it with an embossing tool or a stick. Then flip it over and go around the edges again to make it more defined. I loved the way they turned out, but I don't know what I want to make out of it yet. Any ideas?

  4. Never done it, but we could try this...I've been wanting to try to make one myself

  5. I also NEED to catch up on some scrapbooking, so if anyone wants to get together to scrapbook, let me know!

  6. ME Me Me Kim. Lol I told you I have ALL of Kenzie's pictures in my camera still

  7. Scrapbooking sounds good to me. I've never done it, but I do have all the stuff for it, including a pile of pictures I haven't done anything with yet. Tell me when and what to bring, and I'm there!

  8. I need to know what to bring too. I have a little bit of embellishments but I lack inspiration when it comes to scrapbooking

  9. Well you need pictures, adhesives, paper and any embellishments you may want. I have the cricut, scissors, those kind of things. I use the internet and magazines that I have for ideas sometimes. Let me know whenever, I'm here and available.

  10. Hi guys! im still here! I would love to Scrapbook, i have lots of things to!,just let me know when, i will be there. Sophies Birthday is Saturday, i cant believe she will be 2!Tuesday the 31st i have to take sophie to the doctor for her 2 year check up. plus im putting her in day care twice a week now starting next week(for her speech development), so anything after tuesday , im game. just let me know!