Thursday, March 17, 2011

First park outing!

I think our little meet at the park went well.  Kim and her two dogs (Bella and Corona) came down, as well as  Brandie and her little Sophie.  Poor Brandie had to drive an hour to get there, but I think we all had a good time.  Aby is now in a semi-comatose state and I am hoping Kaylee is worn out enough to take a nap.

We're thinking our first "real" meeting (where we actually do some crafts) will be held at Kim's house in North Augusta (she actually has a dedicated craft room) on Tuesday, March 29th at about 4:00.  The craft we're going to cover is paper quilling.  If you would like to attend, let me know at least a week in advance.  I have plenty of paper and glue, etc. but we're going to need to order slot tools for those of you who want your own.  They're a whopping $4.00 each, but I'm not sure about shipping.  If you want to come out and just watch, that's fine too!  Other things that come in handy that we can pick up locally are cork tiles, straight pins or toothpicks (gotcha covered there), and tweezers.  If you want to check out more about this, have a look at  There's a gallery of completed pieces to look at, it's also where I'm planning on ordering the tools.

Coming soon will be notes and guidelines for Craft Conspiracy, none of it is etched in stone thus far, but I'm going to get it out there just so you can all have a look at it.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Sorry, I meant to let you know I wouldn't be making it today. Kenzie had to go to the ER last night and she has 2 ear infections. So she wouldn't have made a very good first impression.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, Jessica. I hope she feels better really soon!

  3. i dont know why it say my name is Transamcbr... thats my email.... oh well.. i guess i will start putting my name under everything so people will know lol
    BRANDIE :)