Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey you guys! Lookie what I made!

I need your cereal boxes.  No, really.  I am working on a few bookbinding projects, and I've found that cereal boxes (chipboard) make good hardback covers.  I also need brown paper bags, if you do that sort of thing.  I tend to use my fabric bags, and it always seems like such an inconvenience to the grocery store employees to ask for paper (but I'm going to do it anyway for a while).

I just completed two Coptic bound books, taking pictures all the way on the second one, but the pictures of the actual stitching process came out all blurry.  Here's a picture of the first one:
 I love the look of the exposed stitching on the spine.

Sorry for the not so perfect pictures, but they were the ones that came out the best.

Would you guys be interested in seeing this, or should I just not worry about it?

The stitching process isn't actually hard, but I think pictures would help explain what I'm talking about.

One thing is, though.  Bookbinding is a little on the slow side.  I like this process because there's less down time waiting for glue to dry.  Doing a hardcover book with a spine, lots of waiting.  I'm an instant gratification kind of girl.

Also, here's a (not-so-good) picture I made for my mother for her birthday.

This is all paper in a shadowbox frame.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  There are spacers between the layers, so you get an awesome shadow effect.  She really liked it.

And...  This isn't finished yet, but here's a picture of the cover:

For those of you that don't recognize it on sight, it's supposed to be a replica of River Song's Diary from Doctor Who.  My version, anyway...  I think I still might tweak the dimensions of it, but it's a good first try!

Yes, that cover is embossed.  Not a simple thing to do.  Even more time waiting for glue to dry, but the end result is amazing. 

Anyway...  Tell me what you think?


  1. Do you mind if I link this on the Whovian Crafts community on livejournal? They'd go crazy for it.

  2. I like em all...especially the first one.

  3. Jealous of the TARDIS book. Great work on all of the projects!