Saturday, April 16, 2011

Next meeting: Quilling

I meant to post this much much earlier, my apologies.  My littles are still not quite used to our "new" living room (which still isn't 100 % complete) and they have not wanted mommy sitting at the computer, among other things.

I need to know who would like to have a meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday (the 19 or 20th).  Kim was nice enough to volunteer her home again for us, thanks Kim!

I'll bring all of the craft stuff we'll need for the session, so you guys just need to show up! 

Also, maybe one of you can take some pictures for us to post on the blog, for those who can't make it to the meeting.  I know I'm sorely lacking in that department, but I can't seem to take clear pictures of objects.

Let us know!

Happy crafting!



  1. Have you decided on a time? I would love to try and make it. School is almost over now so more time for crafting. YAY!

  2. Just about any time is game for me, just not too terribly early in the morning or late in the day... gotta get home for dinner, y'know?

    If we end up not getting a big bunch together, I think I've gotten my house decent enough for a small group to get together. It's not completely done, but it's "lived in". I'm up for whatever.

    Kim was driving back from Texas today, so I'll try to get in touch with her tomorrow and see how she's doing. Since it's such short notice, let's not try to pull everything together for Tuesday (tomorrow), but aim for Wednesday instead.

    You guys let me know what works for you and we'll come up with something.

    (My girls are 2 1/2 (will be three in July) and 14 months.)

    See y'all soon!

  3. I wish I could be there to meet you gals and participate but this week is CRAZY. If you don't find someone to take pictures in the future, let me know.

  4. ok so Weds. is almost over now. LOL. How do I set this to notify me when there is a comment or new posting?

  5. Okay, at the bottom when you post a comment, there should be a button that says "Subscribe by email". Try that, it should send you an email whenever a comment is made on that particular post.

    But it never hurts to check back, of course!

  6. ok, i havent looked at this blog in a couple of days and i miss the meeting!? did yall have one?
    Samantha, can you email me whenever there is a meeting b/c i will come most likely. thanks!

  7. Brandie, we didn't have a meeting this week, so you didn't miss it. I know you're following the blog, I thought it would send you an email whenever a new post went up. I'll work on setting something up to notify everyone when something goes up.