Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's going to be a crazy week

Yesterday, hubby and I finally finally came up with a plan for how to re-arrange our living room.  The old way worked until recently, but with Aby learning how to climb up on the couch and bother daddy's computer setup, that just wasn't going to work any more. 

We have a big living room, but it's not an easy room to arrange.  It's 13 feet by almost 24 feet, but there's a sliding glass door (that has been painted shut for as long as I can remember) that is 12 feet wide (our greatest fear is that it gets broken some how) and four doors and a closet to work around.  That, and we're trying to make the room be both a living room and kid-proof office space.  Oi.

So, instead of just moving stuff around, I made up a two dimensional graph paper scale model of the living room, cutouts of all the furniture, and we slid things around until we both liked it.  Here's hoping it all works out the way we planned.

A huge bonus for the way we planned it all out, is that I'll have work space in the living room and out of the laundry room, so I can be in there to watch the girls more easily and still get to work on things!

We're planning on moving everything on Saturday, leaving Sunday to tweak anything necessary while the girls are at grandma's house and not underfoot.  In order to get everything moved in that short time, I'm going to spend as much of my free time this week boxing up books, dvds, and anything else that's small and not nailed down to get it out of the way and empty up the bookcases.  We're hoping to get it all settled down before hubby's new computer comes in, so it can be installed in it's permanent home.  Plus, "grandma" is on spring break this week and can help out a bit with the girls, which is a godsend.

With all of that said, I probably won't be able to post much "interesting crafty stuff" this week.  As soon as the dust settles is eradicated, I'll get back on track and start working earnestly on passing along goodies for all of you!

While I'm doing this, you guys tell me what you're up to!  I love hearing from you!  I will have plenty of time to read comments and the like, so holler at me already!

Happy Crafting!



  1. You definitely sound like a better planner than me. I would just move stuff and pray it worked.

    The rest of my week goes like this. Work today, tomorrow - Tybee, Friday - Asheville to celebrate my birthday, Saturday to the lake to cut grass and do basic landscaping. Memorial Day will be here before we know it.

  2. Heh. With us, we have so many electronic components that need wiring and access to the few electrical outlets we have, it bears a little pre-planning. That, and some of this stuff is heavy! I'd rather not move it more than once.